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Take-Home Teeth Whitening – Lincoln, NE

Our Products Are Safe, Reliable, And Effective

Over time, teeth inevitably become more stained and discolored. For some people, this cosmetic imperfection can have a deep and drastic impact on their self-esteem, causing issues like social anxiety to impact their daily lives. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile or find it unattractive, don’t take a gamble on store-bought kits, try professional teeth whitening from Weber Family Dentistry. We offer customized take-home products that are highly concentrated and will begin whitening your teeth within a few days. That way, the next conversation you have will be one where you feel confident and happy to let your smile show.

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Why Choose Weber Family Dentistry For Teeth Whitening? 

  • Safe and Effective Ingredients
  • Customized Whitening Trays
  • Guaranteed Quality Dentistry

How Does The Take-Home Opalescence Whitening Kit Work?

whitening trays and gel

At Weber Family Dentistry, we use take-home Opalescence Tooth Whitening Systems to offer fast and trusted results. When you visit our office, we’ll take impressions of your mouth and create custom-made whitening trays that cover the entire surface of your teeth for even results. We’ll then show you how to apply your highly concentrated whitening gel to your oral appliance.

When you do this at home, you’ll place your tray over your teeth and gently wipe away any excess gel with a soft toothbrush. We’ll recommend leaving the tray in your mouth for a certain period of time. Once the time has passed, you’ll remove the tray and brush your teeth to remove any remaining gel. It’s important to clean your trays with a soft toothbrush and cool water and store them in the protective container we provide you with to keep them free of bacteria.

What Are The Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening?

person putting in whitening trays

Store-bought whitening kits aren’t always guaranteed to work or be safe for your gums and oral tissue, that’s why it’s always recommended to visit a professional to get the results you want without taking a gamble on your oral health. With our Opalescence take-home whitening kit, you’ll be able to enjoy several advantages:

  • Whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home and on your own time.
  • The gel is specially formulated to keep your mouth from becoming dry.
  • Professional whitening gel contains a high concentration of Carbamide Peroxide that comes in mint, melon, or regular flavors.
  • The gel is sticky and thick enough to not travel to other areas of your mouth and cause irritation.

You can enjoy professional customized results that boost your confidence. That way, you’ll be able to feel comfortable speaking, laughing, and smiling without hiding your teeth behind your hands.

How Can I Maintain The Results?

person smiling

The best way to keep your teeth white after treatment is to keep up with your oral hygiene routine and limit your intake of stain-causing foods and drinks. When you follow aftercare instructions from your cosmetic dentist, you can enjoy the results for years to come. If you have any questions about the treatment or want to get a touch-up kit, be sure to contact our office! We’d be more than happy to help you get your smile back on track.