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Hybridge Dental Implants – Lincoln, NE

Top Quality Full Arch Tooth Replacement

If you have suffered significant tooth loss or dental decay, an implant-supported denture may be the best way to rebuild your smile. But did you know that there are several different types of implant treatments that could replace your teeth? Dr. Steve Weber is proud to offer Hybridge dental implants in Lincoln. This streamlined, precise approach to full arch restoration helps to ensure that patients experience the best results possible.

Smiling, mature woman with Hybridge dental implants in Lincoln

What Are Hybridge Dental Implants?

Illustration of denture being placed on dental implants

Hybridge is a leading company in the realm of dental implants; they specialize in providing full arch restorations. Not only do they manufacture the implants themselves, but they also have a laboratory that is solely dedicated to the fabrication of implant-retained dentures. Additionally, they provide a high level of training and support to dentists to ensure that the Hybridge treatment process is consistent and produces the best possible outcomes for patients.

Benefits of Hybridge

Confident, mature woman enjoying benefits of Hybridge denture

If you need to replace either all of your upper or lower teeth, Hybridge dental implants are certainly worth considering because this treatment:

  • Places a heavy emphasis on quality. Hybridge dentists in Lincoln and across the country must complete rigorous training before they are certified to provide the treatment.
  • Is relatively fast. The unique Hybridge process means that for many patients, the total treatment time may be mere weeks instead of months.
  • Provides beautiful, functional teeth. You can expect to enjoy a sturdy bite that is able to stand up to practically any food. You’ll also be able to smile with total confidence.
  • Provides teeth in a day. Most patients require just one surgery for the removal of their remaining natural teeth and the placement of all their implants. On the same day as your surgery, you’ll get a temporary denture. You’ll receive your permanent new teeth after you have sufficiently recovered from your surgery.
  • Is convenient. Hybridge teeth are permanently affixed to the implants; only a qualified dental professional can remove them. Therefore, you’ll be able to care for your new smile in much the same way that you would care for natural teeth.

Is Hybridge Right for You?

Patient and dental team member discussing dental implants

Hybridge is a wonderful treatment — but is it a fit for your circumstances? Dr. Weber will be happy to chat with you and assess your qualifications. In general, candidates for Hybridge dental implants:

  • Require the replacement of all of their upper or lower teeth (or they require full mouth reconstruction)
  • Are free of active gum disease and stick to good daily oral hygiene habits
  • Are in fair overall health, free of any conditions that could seriously compromise their ability to heal after surgery
  • Have a jawbone with sufficient volume for supporting dental implants

How Much Does Hybridge Treatment Cost?

Patient and dental team member discussing dental implants

They Hybridge process is engineered to be as efficient and streamlined as possible. In most cases, it costs less than traditional implant-based full arch tooth replacement methods. Our team will provide you with an estimate for the cost of your treatment when you come in for your consultation. We’ll also help you explore your payment options.

Would you like to learn more about Hybridge? Contact Weber Family Dentistry today. Our team is eager to serve you!