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Children’s Dentistry – Lincoln, NE

We Love Treating Growing Smiles

The oral healthcare habits a person develops at a young age can influence their smile’s wellbeing for the rest of their lives – that’s why the Weber Family Dentistry team works so hard to create positive experiences for children here in Lincoln! Our team’s gentle, patient approach is an ideal fit for the youngest members of your family, and Dr. Weber offers several kid-friendly dentistry services that will strengthen and protect developing teeth throughout those important early years. If you’d like to schedule a first appointment for a loved one, contact us today.

Two children laughing outdoors

Why Choose Dr. Steven Weber for Children’s Dentistry?

  • Advanced Digital Technology for Added Safety
  • Highly Experienced Dentist & Staff
  • Comfortable, Welcoming Office

Personalized Care For Every Age

Group of kids getting off of a bus

At Weber Family Dentistry, we’re happy to see children from virtually any age range, from toddlers who are just getting ready for their first appointment to teenagers who are working on their college applications. Our approach will always be based on the patient’s age, personality, and current level of emotional maturity. For instance, younger patients will only receive a gentle checkup and screening for any developmental concerns that may already be developing, while older children can undergo professional cleanings and dedicated, fun lessons about oral hygiene. In the later years, services like tooth-colored fillings, periodontal therapy, or sports mouthguards may become necessary to keep growing smiles as safe and healthy as possible.

How Can I Help My Child Have A Positive First Dental Appointment?

Smiling girl in dental chair

  • Make sure that you’re always using “happy words” when talking about an upcoming dental appointment. Kids are more perceptive than we think – if you’re visibly nervous or anxious, they’re very likely to pick up on those emotions and reflect them in their own attitude.
  • To reduce pressure, bring young children to a parent or a sibling’s dental checkup so that they can meet our team and look around the office without having to worry about being in the hot seat themselves.
  • If your son or daughter has a favorite stuffed animal or blanket, bring it along to their appointment so that they have a point of comfort to rely on if they become nervous or fearful.
  • Try playing “dentist” at home! You can sit back in a chair and let your child peer into your mouth before switching places. This will help them see that there’s really nothing to be afraid of.
  • If your child behaves well at our office, make sure to praise them so that they feel good about the experience – although we don’t recommend bribing them with sweets or candy!